Take a break

During this pandemic, with ample amount of time I realised how much damage I was doing to myself. Not physically but mentally. Only when my life stopped, only when I got back to my roots I realised all the incompleteness in me, things that I failed to look into.

In this 4 months, I have been healing my inner self and over coming my self doubts. Now I’m growing, learning, finding my answers and unlearning things that is hindering my growth.

There are still a lot of questions that I’m still searching my answers for and I think that’s what keeps us going. But to find those answers , I believe we should let go of all the damages that is been caused due to our past actions and start coming in terms with reality.

So sometimes take a break, reflect and bounce back bigger.

Good enough?

Is there a checklist to say someone is “good”? Who are we to label one’s likes and dislikes , character and behaviour as good or bad? Isn’t it all ones perceptive ?There can never be a generalisation or there isn’t anything as good or bad , for all that it matters is that whether what we do make us happy and let us live the life we want.

Because in the end, we are here to live our lives the way we want it to be.

Is this what it is?

They say one can never answer the question of what love is. It’s true. Love doesn’t come with a set of rules; it gets to you only when you do not expect it, it never is easy but not that hard too. Confusing? Pretty much that’s what love is. One thing I can say for sure is that love is a mesmerising mystery, once you fall in love you never get to plan how it should go you only get to ride with it. I cannot promise the ride is going to be sweet but all I know for sure is that when in love you should always be ready to give anything and everything you can to make your love live. Even if it is the person you love, you have to let them go for your love to live because in the end all that matters is for your love to live and never fail.